What is plo 8 or better

Asked by mtstackin88. A naked nut low plays fine against people who don't have nut low!

what is plo 8 or better

Don't get freerolled. Omaha Indicator is a real-time odds and outs advisor for Omaha players, this collects stats on your opponents, categorising them into types and combining this with your winning chances in a hand to help you make the right move.

3 tips for beating 'Omaha 8 or better' poker games

Sign In Now. Just like when you have the nut Broadway straight you should ask yourself what you are drawing to, when you have the nut low the first thing you should ask yourself is: If you're used to playing Texas Hold'em, then you will find the play in most Omaha 8 games looser and far more passive.

Sign In Sign Up. He can beat you by making four deuces, but despite that ability to make a 1000-to-1 shot, we will still consider that near freeroll to be a "freeroll".

Also notice, it is much better to error on the side of not building the pot big enough, and thus not being able to make a big enough bet to get a fold. Betting should both build the pot and thin the field. Felto11plus1 didn't bet folded Seat 5: Never call re-raise with a high-only hand, your objective is to see a cheap flop and get out fast if you miss — not to go to war pre-flop!

what is plo 8 or better

People with poor value skills are good people to play against in big bet poker. I enjoy playing both, but have never put much time into discussing hands or improving.

what is plo 8 or better

Tired of playing Texas Hold'em? No matter what the action is on the flop and turn, if the river card comes a board pair, or a flush card especially if it is a flush card that pairs the board , a pot-size bet by you will force your opponent to fold -- and even if he calls, that is fine because that means he will call you when you happen to have the flush or full house.

Pot Limit Omaha High-Low Split

Yes, you'll be scooping the pot, but it will likely be a modest one. Recommended Posts. Be patient and smart play can take you far in 08. Also alot of players will never fold a draw even bad ones which makes the early play much more frantic.

what is plo 8 or better

Always remember people in general do not like folding if they grab a piece of one end. If they put a nickel into a pot, you darn near need a crowbar to pry them away from pouring millions in to chase that nickel. Aces have the magical ability to make people play worse.

what is plo 8 or better

Weak players lose more money with this hand than any other.