What is android application context android

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what is android application context android

This can be accessed via getContext method. You can do almost nothing without Context.

what is android application context android

Short Answer: We use context to instantiate our components with Activity, Content Provider, BroadcastReceiver, and so on. An Android app has activities.

what is android application context android

We also learned the difference between this , applicationContext and baseContext. Every Android developer has leaked memory. If you are a new developer who is just starting your journey into the Android world, this might not be the best place to begin. What can no wrong? This is one of the core topics of Android development, and hardly any developers use context completely and in the way it was designed.

Almost everything in Android needs access to Context. Try answering this question: Similarly, the Android operating system was also designed to expose components.

You pass UI-Context to someplace where all it needs is resource access or file system access but it is a long operation in the background. Activity extends ContextThemeWrapper. You can access WifiManager using context. All components which are offering this intent action will be served to the user who can opt what to use.

An example of an intent used to send email is below. It lets newly-created objects understand what has been going on. I will try to simplify it as much as possible.

Mastering Android context

Most of the time we use one of the following when we need context:. You can send me thank you card. There are many ways you can get a hold on context bad design spotted.

what is android application context android

But most of the articles on the web focus on the definition of what it is. If you inflate your layout with Non-UI context, your layout will not be themed. Understanding Context In Android Application.