What happened to william minton amazing race

But me and Bopper, we're two country boys who've never had the opportunity to do nothing, so we got on it and we enjoyed every bit of the Race.

The Amazing Race 10th Anniversary - Most Heartwrenching Moments

But we all agree: I have respect for every single person that ran that Race with us. I watched the show my whole life. What else could you expect of a man that's a Blackhawk pilot and representing our military? Aw, Phil! No, I don't mind Sucks at all and never complained about Nary and Jamie being made fun of anywhere.

Last week really did you guys in.

Ruth Myles: Mark and Mallory unload their Amazing Race All-Stars baggage

We don't want them to argue with people. That's the only way I would've U-turned anyone, including Art and JJ, even after they made that comment. No real hesitation for you, Bopper? You still flew to L.

what happened to william minton amazing race

It wasn't like we was quitting, it was just that I was unable to continue. Like he said, we ride together, we die together. Entertainment Tonight Videos. But just to watch Dave represent himself and the way he represents our military, you know, I hope Dave and Rachel win because like I said, he ran the Race hard.

We gave everything we had, everything that was in our power to stay in the Race and it didn't happen, so we can live with that.

Amazing Race's Bopper and Mark: Our Friendship Is Deeper Than Any Situation

Because couldn't keep up with us on the task. We were ready to go and we were looking forward to winning this Race. And Mark, you had the heatstroke.

what happened to william minton amazing race

That was our main goal, is to get relocation and our family a better life and change the lives of some people in our county. Topita RFF Sr. Win, lose or draw, we're all each other's got.

what happened to william minton amazing race