What does anata wa daisuki desu mean

what does anata wa daisuki desu mean

Japanese watashi wa daisuki desu. But maybe there's a generational thing here too, so I will not contradict anyone lol by AK rate this post as useful.

How to say I love you in Japanese

Add a comment. Japanese Watashi wa dikku ga daisuki. So for you, a girl saying it to Andy, I think if you say: Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. I like you. What does 'anata wa daisuki' mean? Yes No. What further elaboration about the "kingdom" is found in scripture? Learn more.

What does 'anata wa daisuki' mean?

How can I say it to him? What does this mean?? Japanese watashi wa jeff desu. Rating Newest Oldest. Expressions of thanks are, of course, essential in Japanese, perhaps even more so than in other languages. English Watashi wa sabishii desu. Christians, do you believe without GOD there no Universe there nothing?

What does anata-wa daisuki idesu mean?

Add a translation. English I want to die.

what does anata wa daisuki desu mean

People are going to tell you that this means he likes you and that is the literal meaning. Japanese Alps: