What does aceo art mean

Artist Trading Cards Ideas (ATCS ACEO) -- Backgrounds #20

ACEOs Art Cards Editions and Originals While some artists were happily trading cards for free, another group of artists realized there was a market for these miniature art works and quickly made their cards available for sale at remarkably low prices. These are tiny paintings that measure just 2.

what does aceo art mean

Just like baseball trading cards, they originally were intended to be swapped but now these attractive and creative cards are a class of collectible for sale. HazelRayfield Hazel Rayfield 2014-07-16 13: The frame can be a permanent decoration on the wall or desk, or it can be a changing art gallery, slipping a card in and out of a frame for a change of pace.

The Pocket Art Movement: What you Need to Know about ATCs and ACEOs

Here are the two most popular types of Pocket Art around today:. I know teabreaks I am lucky enough to have some of your work on my dining room wall Rachel. Many people keep the cards in sports-cards albums because the 2. Hi I have just bought three from a seller on here, they came with a tiny certificate stating "certificate of authenticity ACEO art card, the title of the piece and then in brackets Archival print of artists original aceo artwork.

HazelRayfield Hazel Rayfield 2014-07-16 12: Any sizes larger or smaller would not qualify as ACEOs.

So what's an ACEO? For the art collector in all of us

What is an aceo? DandelionsGallery Sara Leigh Thornton 2014-07-16 13: The size of an ACEO should be 2.

what does aceo art mean

To use this feature, please install it. So people are now collecting aceos. Art is a good investment for the future. There are no other rules.

what does aceo art mean

This post may contain affiliate links. This was very important to the founding artists, who understood the importance of respecting and acknowledging original work.

HazelRayfield Hazel Rayfield 2014-07-16 14: Over the past 18 months I have devoted a lot of my painting time to the creation of Pocket Art.

Artists have complete freedom in making creative decisions, such as the subject of the ACEO, or the materials used in its creation. One technique of ACEO artwork is to let the frame tell "part of the story. ACEO's are a growing passion for many people.

what does aceo art mean

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