Toro lawn mower recycler jams when mulching

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The first requirement is for the drive belt to become slack. Do not add oil to paper filters Do not use compressed air to clean a filter. If you're planning to do your own maintenance, or just want to see what we recommend, please read the following tips which will help you be ready for spring. Insert the rotor shaft through the rotor into the mounting position.

They just help the blades stay upunder the deck to get chopped finer. Check deck pitch from front to back. Model and serial number of the machine Your proof of purchase receipt for warranty inquiries Due to the wide variety of Toro products, the dealer will need the model and serial number to identify the machine and locate the appropriate parts.

Press the lawnmower's primer button three times firmly, holding it pressed inward for about one second each time before releasing it.

Dispose of gasoline properly. Remove old fuel. Make sure the blade is sharp for best results, replace or sharpen yearly or when needed. You will need the model and serial number of your machine to download the appropriate manual. Verify that there is no dirt, water or stale fuel in the fuel tank.

Avoid burrs and sharp edges.

Toro 22 Inch Push Mower Starting Instructions

With normal residential use of a mower, we recommend replacing or sharpening the blade yearly. Model 51488 48 Volt 13" Cordless: Blades are sharp! Storing a battery in a cool or cold area will greatly slow this reaction. The headlights and electric PTO on some machines can drain a battery down if the engine is not running at full throttle. Verify that the snowthrower is being run at full throttle.

Graham Chiu Graham Chiu 20. Remove the idler spring from the idler arm.

Residential FAQs

Remove for 30 minutes to allow to cool. Today's gasoline does not have the same chemical makeup as years ago. You must record this work in the maintenance chart provided in your operator's manual and keep your proof of purchase. Moisture content of the grass — The more moisture there is in the grass, the faster the battery will run down. Holding the line and spool, insert the spool into the cutting head and the line into the eyelet.

When a battery is stored in a discharged state or allowed to discharge completely while in storage, a process called "sulfation" occurs.