Howea palms speciation define

Sympatric speciation

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howea palms speciation define

This island - with an area of 14. Here, we analyse data on abundance, juvenile recruitment, pollination mode and genetic variation and structure in both species. Several crop plants of economic significance to Man have resulted from polyploidy, and been selected as a result of increased vigour.

howea palms speciation define

The genetic data based on amplified fragment length polymorphisms markers indicate similar levels of variation in the two species, despite the estimated census population size of H. This is Rhagoletis pomonella , the apple maggot fly- but on a haw. Wheat and several members of the Brassicaceae cabbage 'family' are examples. Speciation with gene flow on Lord Howe Island. Exploitation Route The palms of Lord Howe Island evolved by adapting to new soil types, through drought and salt tolerance.

When researchers took a closer look at the natural histories of these two species, they found that they were in a sense isolated from one another.

How sympatric is speciation in the Howea palms of Lord Howe Island?

However, their horticultural value is not the most interesting thing about these palms. Go back. Welcome Guest. This is the Easter cactus Hatiora gaertneri.

howea palms speciation define

You work at the same institute as any of the authors. How sympatric is speciation in the Howea palms of Lord Howe Island?

howea palms speciation define

Pritchard Molecular ecology notes 2007.