How to upload photo on google account

You can upload files into private or shared folders.

How to Add a Picture to Your Gmail Profile

Click Download. If you're using the Gmail mobile app, you can take a new image or pick one from your phone or tablet to set as your new Gmail profile photo. Enter your Gmail address and password as requested to access your account.

Tap the menu button at the top left. If you're told to crop it down to a square, then do so in order to be able to continue.

how to upload photo on google account

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how to upload photo on google account

Upload a file. How do I upload pictures to Google from my camera? Tap a photo in the window, or tap a different upload location e. Click the camera icon in the "What's new with you? Click a photo in the pop-up window, or click Upload photo and then select a photo from your computer.

how to upload photo on google account

It's in the top-right corner of the window. Click the image at the very center of the top of that page. Tap the photo icon.


Did this summary help you? On your computer, go to drive. Tap the pencil icon.

how to upload photo on google account

Tap POST. When you get to the spot you want it to go, click paste. The app will download to your computer.

Upload files and folders to Google Drive

Is it correct to say that auto photos backup will use up your 15 GB free Google drive storage in addition to Google Photo storage, and that only manual upload via browser will use only Photos storage? Tap the Home tab. Yes No. Tap Home.

how to upload photo on google account