How to make elegant cheese platter

how to make elegant cheese platter

A LOT! Focus on a region This just helps to narrow your options. Before we get to that wine tasting, we need some delicious cheese to pair it with.

how to make elegant cheese platter

Like what you see here? I grew up in Wisconsin and spent years living in California, so you can probably understand my love of cheese and wine! I always add some type of honey, jam , or chutney to the cheese platter.

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A simple combination of cheese and crackers, and maybe one extra component, will be just as delicious. Tuck rosemary sprigs among fruit. I sent this link to my cousin who has been wanting to get friends together with wine and cheese and she is now obsessed!

how to make elegant cheese platter

Somehow I always feel like something is missing from my cheese plates. Next, place a variety of cheeses on different corners of the board.

Elegant Cheese and Fruit Platter

Choose 4 of your favorite cheeses with various shapes, textures, and flavors. On large serving platter, arrange cheeses in center. Dig in and enjoy! Selecting a bottle can be kind of a mystery, right? Footer I'm Amy: If desired, serve cheeses and fruit with crackers. But with all the choices out there, pairing wine and cheese can sometimes be a little overwhelming or intimidating. By Betty Crocker Kitchens April 29, 2010. Cedar-Planked Brie and Berries. Bread and crackers play the main supporting role here, so don't go skimpy.

How To Make a Cheese Platter For Entertaining

Watch classes, learn from the experts, and get creative. Then, check out my tips for arranging an easy cheese plate. We love adding lightly salted roasted peanuts but another great option for this cheese platter would be walnuts, almonds, and pistachios.