How to identify john jelliff furniture

Buying or selling? Avoid the ‘attribution pit’

Best Match Most Popular Time: Where should I look? But there are other areas in the furniture category that do have room for some confusion. Asian Antiques. Nov 18, 2018.

John Jelliff Prices and Auction Results

The various classifications and styles should be easier to recognize now as we are able to look at examples from each era and compare their progression to the next stage.

Needlepoint 1. This was a serendipitous discovery as she was examining account books that are now preserved in the Downs Manuscript collection of the Winterthur Museum. The formal order that had given the Greek Classical Revival its essential character was gradually replaced by The Gothic Revival which rejected the smooth curved classical lines in favor of picturesque arrangements of pointed arches, towers and turrets, and other church-like features.

how to identify john jelliff furniture

So, what's a collector to do? By the late 19th century the designer was less important than the manufacturer except in cases like Eastlake. Robertson Blvd. When Clark Fisher died, his wife continued the enterprise and as such, she was among the first women manufacturers in the United States.

how to identify john jelliff furniture

Some excellent places to see carved faces attributed to "Jelliff" are online at http: Furthermore, photographs of Jenny Lind and Clara Louise Kellogg show that these many carved faces are poor likenesses. Weekly Auctions of Exceptional Items. How do you research a piece of furniture to determine its maker assuming no label?

how to identify john jelliff furniture

Stickley produced simplified straight line furniture out of oak, often without the need of upholstery. The use of new technology found its way to the wire chair which was found in every ice cream parlour.

Do you love it? In some pieces, usually those crafted in walnut, burled veneer was used as a decorative embellishment.

how to identify john jelliff furniture

Neo-Grec Parlor Suites: The ability to produce incredible detail was made easier. Call 215 763-8100. New technology lowered costs, making them available to the vast majority of middle income Americans.