How to hang double scarf curtains

This process is easiest if you have a friend who can help you stretch the scarf down a hallway, for example. Pull gently on the center of the scarf to create the swag over the top of the glass, taking care that the sides remain even.

how to hang double scarf curtains

The best way would be to install scarf hooks above the window frame and the curtain rod, just make sure they stick out far enough that you can drape the scarf in front of the existing curtains.

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Tips on Using Window Scarves

Window Scarves JC Penny: Cookies make wikiHow better. If window is too large for a single scarf, suggestions on how to use two equal length scarves?

how to hang double scarf curtains

References 1 YouTube. Pull the tape measure down to where you want the ends of the window scarf to hang and write down the number.

How to Hang a Double Swag Drapery Scarf

Extend the bottom edge line 24 inches to the left of the outside edge mark on the bottom edge and draw a line across the scarf from this new mark to the farthest left mark on the top edge. Thanks for letting us know. Tips on Using Window Scarves.

how to hang double scarf curtains

For a more decorative option, try looping the scarf around the middle of the rod and then hooking the scarf over the ends so the sides hang down evenly. I have to cover Traverse rods, this is just temporary. Retrieved from http: They can pool on the floor or have a more finished, trim look. Guide to Wine Country Green State: You can knot the window scarf around the corner hooks to secure it in place.

how to hang double scarf curtains