How to get trainer dressphere

Trainer (Final Fantasy X-2)

Each member of the Gullwings has a unique dressphere hidden in the game. Retrieve the sphere on Mt. Defeat all the enemies six battles and this dressphere is yours!

how to get trainer dressphere

In this Article: Understand that the Gun Mage dressphere is a useful dressphere that can be used to inflict high damage on certain monster types and best of all, It's very easy to obtain!

Method 5.

how to get trainer dressphere

Acting as part Dark Knight and part Warrior, the Samurai dressphere gives the wearer access to a variety of powerful techniques that allow them to completely ignore a fiend's defenses or even kill them outright! Support and damage. Jan 13, 2004 3.

How to Get All Dresspheres in Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster

Comment Bookmark. As expected, the Black Mage dressphere is all about blasting fiends with elemental damage. Yuna - Rikku - Paine.

how to get trainer dressphere

Your Account. She wears a long yellow and blue skirt with blue ribbons laced through yellow clasps.

Trainer Dressphere cheats for Final Fantasy X-2

You get in Chapter 3 after Answering his questions right in Chapter 1 and 2. Damage The Dark Knight dressphere infllicts the maximum amount of pain possible with a variety of negative status effects and powerful attacks that are powered by the wearer's HP.

how to get trainer dressphere

Date Posted: Below we've listed each of the dresspheres including where to obtain them, what role they serve and a brief description. NightMare185 , Jan 13, 2004. Final Fantasy. Ask a question here Help a gamer Can you provide the answers for fellow gamers questions.

how to get trainer dressphere