Hiv tests how long for results

Early treatment can help you stay well and delay the onset of AIDS.

How long after a possible exposure should I be tested for HIV?

Where these were not applicable, the Fisher exact two-tailed P -value was used. Part of this process involves making antibodies against the infectious agent.

hiv tests how long for results

HIV overview. Test results were given mostly by phone 41.

Global information and education on HIV and AIDS

I went for a rapid test in the clinic attached to the hospital and never expected the answer to be that I was positive. Physicians should be informed about the unlawfulness of non-consensual HIV testing. Let's say someone had unprotected sex on Saturday night. Family and friends In most cases, your family and friends will not know your test results or HIV status unless you tell them yourself.

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hiv tests how long for results

If I have a negative result, does that mean my partner is HIV-negative also? Learn More Beyond Basics: If you are offered the test in an emergency room of a hospital, for instance, the staff may not have the time or training to give you much counseling. If you are under 18, however, some states allow your health care provider to tell your parent s that you received services for HIV if they think doing so is in your best interest.

What do pregnant women think about the HIV test? It's important to be open with your partner s and ask them to tell you their HIV status. What does a positive result mean? Any STD test that detects an infection using antibodies can't be used for at least several weeks.

Understanding HIV Test Results

Copyright 2019, Regents of the University of California. HIV tests only apply to the person who took the test.

I just tested positive for HIV -- now what? They will only tell your partners that they have been exposed to HIV and should get tested.

hiv tests how long for results