Dali mentor 1 what hi-fi review

Their scale belies their size Integration between the drivers is good, the soundstage is persuasive and there's the sort of scale and dynamism on tap that seems unlikely when you consider how small these cabinets are.

dali mentor 1 what hi-fi review

The system's subtle-as-a-bull impression, though, disappears as soon as it starts to do its thing. Not the perfect all-rounder, but few other speakers are this entertaining...

dali mentor 1 what hi-fi review

There's unflappable authority to the way the Mentor 5. Against Sounds a little lean. This Dali delivers a smooth and engaging sound with no katch.

Dali Zensor 1 Review!

Most Read Most Shared. If your listening room is small, or you find your speakers must go against a back wall or even on a bookshelf, the Lektor 1s remain a pragmatic choice, and one that will deliver tremendous levels of fidelity at the price.

LEKTOR 1 - Detail, control and timing

For Exceptionally pretty Splendid coherance and vocal detail. What Hi-Fi? Talented and urbane, the Dalis will continue to win admirers — but their limitations have been thrown into stark relief by some compelling new competitors.

This treble module combines a 28mm soft dome and a 17x45mm ribbon on a single chassis. A massive success in a gorgeous package...

dali mentor 1 what hi-fi review

The tiny Dali Mentor Menuet standmounters are a startling achievement. What Hi-Fi? The babies of the Spektor range turn out to be sparkling performers.

dali mentor 1 what hi-fi review

Although outclassed, the Dalis are good all-rounders, and thoroughly entertaining. The top end is never less than crisp and forthright, and requires only the slightest provocation to spit nastily.


Well, the problem is at the top of the frequency range. There's more bass than you'd expect, and while the sound is a tad lean, it's splendidly coherent with fine voice expression. The net result is inevitably somewhat bass-light, but not to the extent that it spoils one's enjoyment of most types of music. These dynamic floorstanders are really fast and agile, if not the final word in solidity.

dali mentor 1 what hi-fi review