Cheap paintable ceramics at wholesale

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Unpainted Ceramics

Bisque Unpainted Sections. Yard Decor. Most bisque orders are filled within 14-21 days.

cheap paintable ceramics at wholesale

For your convenience, a UPS tracking number will be sent to your email address, when your order is shipped. However, we are NOT responsible for taxes on the Canadian side.

cheap paintable ceramics at wholesale

Ceramic Bisque Mugs, Cups, tea cups, goblets. We are open Monday thru Saturday, 8 to 4 pm. Supplies of glaze, underglaze, brushes, kilns and a wide range of decorating accessories are also available for immediate delivery.

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Ceramic Bisque Candle Holders. Would you rather have a printed catalog to look through and use as a painting guide? Small and large shapes, functional or decorative shapes. Besides shelves of bisque, we have paints, brushes and electrical supplies. If you are traveling from a distance, please call to make sure we will be here as we frequently have to take shipments to UPS.

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Bisque is unglazed, white ceramic ware. Therefore, if you do not see what you want, just contact us and ask. Ceramic Bisque Vases and flower pots.

We will, of course, send you a replacement. To the novice ceramicist, bisque can be better described as a "pottery blank". If your order arrives broken, please let us know immediately and send us a photo of the damage so we can relay this information to UPS. Children Baby.

cheap paintable ceramics at wholesale

Ceramic Bisque Pencil pots. We are very proud of our successful mix of both traditional and contemporary designs.

cheap paintable ceramics at wholesale