Bad acting on scandal what is happening

bad acting on scandal what is happening

They play it by ear and it really shows. Look, he was surrounded by sociopaths like Charlie! Pope is so self-righteous and a wimp, don't know why everyone utters her name like she is something special... Lauren Murrow Infoporn: This show is just incredible, brilliantly written, directed, and acting-- I have been on the edge of my seat from the opening scene until the credits. I am surprised that it has got a 7 plus rating here on IMDb , seriously people.

But you can make something of it.

10 Annoying Things About 'Scandal' Only Real Fans Will Admit

It's very annoying the show turned Olivia and Abby into adversaries. Latest News. Bad show. He put Mellie threw the ringer see above , strung Olivia along for seasons, and lied hundreds of times—all for completely self-indulgent reasons.

It’s a Scandal! How Kerry Washington’s political drama turned into a bloody mess

Quinn and Charlie, oddly, have the most stable relationship on the show. But she's played like a cartoon, and depressingly seems more concerned about posing for the camera in perfect clothes, hair and make-up than displaying any depth of character. In the moment, however, she had pressed on. The insanity of the show, truthfully, is what makes it so great. Why would anyone want to watch grown people throw tantrums constantly?

It's hilariously stupid, yet the show still takes itself seriously... I find it painful to watch, so mostly, I don't. Funny she didn't even cry when her friend James died.

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"Till Death Do Us Part"

New season of 'Being Mary Jane' tops what to watch this we... She had her own motivations, of course, but those seemed inconsequential to the sheer f-ckery Fitz committed on a daily basis with no regard for her. But I've worked really hard. Maniac looks like it's filtered through the lens of somebody who seems to have watched every Kubrick movie a half-dozen times, without ever laughing once.

bad acting on scandal what is happening

I have watched every episode hoping that it would find its legs, but sadly, it has not. Some, or course, are better written and acted than others. Please try again. If that happened to me, there'd be no difference in the world. He's a selfish, whiny man-child who thinks screaming proves his point.

bad acting on scandal what is happening

The writing has all the depth and nuance of a ridiculous dime store romance novel.