Wholesale gas price definition

Queensland daily base contract prices and traded volumes - Q1. End users may also enter into OTC contracts either directly or through an intermediary as part of their energy purchases.

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They differ from OTC contracts as:. Seasonal peak demand occurrence region. OTC contracts are not limited to forward contracts, but can include complex options or combinations of options and forwards. Electricity supply to regions of the National Electricity Market.

What’s up with wholesale prices?

Following the rise of wholesale gas and electricity prices, we may have to consider increasing our prices in line with the wholesale market in the coming months. Jun 14, 2018. There have been a number of recent developments in gas markets that have influenced wholesale gas price volatility.

wholesale gas price definition

This exposes retailers to a high degree of financial risk. Quarterly interregional trade as a percentage of regional energy consumption. The prices specified in these contracts vary over time, meaning it is possible to negotiate a better retail contract when the forward price for energy is low relative to historical prices.

The wholesale price of energy

Quarterly volume weighted average spot prices. Detailed price and volume information on electricity futures trades can be accessed at a fee through the d-cyphaTrade data centre.

You can get a quote for Pure Planet here. A future is an obligation to buy or sell electricity at a specified time in the future at a specified price. Seasonal peak demand region.

wholesale gas price definition

And now some of the smaller companies are following suit. So when the price of gas goes up, so does the electricity price.

wholesale gas price definition

This is can be seen in the recent increase in the price of oil and also pushes up the price of gas. Get updates Get updates. Energy market prices are extremely volatile, so it is important to understand the factors that drive the prices of wholesale energy up and down.

wholesale gas price definition

Registered capacity in regions by fuel source. Seasonal peak demand NEM.