Who played graem bauer on 24s

Start a Wiki. However, it does have its moments, and this particular episode effectively illustrates one of the main themes of 24 , that of adoloescent power fantasy manifested as grand-scale conflict results — ownage. Himself - Guest.

Jack promised to speak with Josh before he left for home with Marilyn. Basically, in order to get back undercover with some sleazy geezers who are involved with a bio-weapon threat, Jack a incapacitates his partner and locks him in a prison cell, b opens all the other cells, releasing hundreds of dangerous criminals and starting a huge riot, and c does all of the above while going cold turkey for heroin addiction.

He is also, once again, responsible for the death of someone Jack cares about, which is never not an awful idea. Who cares.

24 Most Memorable Deaths From 24

Logan was too much of a Dbag to be number 2. I also think that Saunders was a really well fleshed out villain I mean I was shocked to find out he helped Jack during the Drazen mission only to come back with vengeance on his mind after being "deserted" by his country and fellow agents.

Josh takes cover with his mother after Chinese mercenaries took over CTU. Jack revealed that Secretary Heller forbade Jack from seeing Audrey and planned to pick up a restraining order.

24 without Jack Bauer: Who could replace Kiefer Sutherland's hero?

Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. Josh didn't want to speak with his grandfather, but Cheng forced him. View the discussion thread. Even if it does, it's not like no-one on the show's ever come back from the dead before. And she still wants Jack. Phillip and Graem Bauer Season 6.

If 24 wanted to take an even darker detour, how about a special episode picking up where we left off with Carlos Bernard's troubled CTU agent turned terrorist Tony Almeida?

Herb Barton - Valentine's Day Massacre 1996... He could have been as good as Christopher Henderson. Legacy is AXED after one season. Doyle and Field Unit Bravo had arrived and the hostiles were taken out.

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Lots of sinister plots here if the writers draw a blank on what to do next. Graem and his associates were safely insulated from terrorist reprisal unlike lower-level conspirators such as James Nathanson , Walt Cummings and Christopher Henderson , and Logan personally saw to it that they would be safe from the CTU investigation as well.

Jack's childhood, adolescence and early adulthood have been touched upon in past seasons of 24: