Where is i corps located

They are pushed, challenged, and questioned in the hope that they will learn quickly whether or not their ideas are worth pursuing.

Altoona, Altoona LaunchBox. Located in Innovation Park, specializes in commercialization support for university research-derived technologies in complex, often regulated, markets.

Innovation Nodes Organization. Benefits of I-Corps. How to Do Effective Customer Interviews.

where is i corps located

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where is i corps located

By the end of the I-Corps program, participants will: This will complement the technical information developed at the labs and improve their prototypes to come up with a minimum viable product MVP to start with its commercialization. This will provide more and better tools to the teams at the NoBI so the university technologies can get to the market easier. The Mexican nodes are responsible for teaching the I-Corps methodology to the researchers, entrepreneurs and business mentors from the associated institutions i.

Complete a Bootcamp Once your team has successfully completed an approved bootcamp, you can apply for a microgrant.

where is i corps located

Teams are expected to complete at least ten customer interviews a week, which means that over the ten-week course teams have contact with 100 potential customers. Have a dedicated mentor who meets with teams to provide business expertise, advise on pitch development and funding strategies, and help grow a network of contacts.

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What is I-Corps?

This revolutionary National Program engages participants in moving products out of the lab and into the market by talking to potential customers, partners and competitors and encountering the challenges and uncertainty of creating successful innovations. During 7 or 8 weeks, the participating teams will be trained on how to commercialize the innovation technologies.

where is i corps located

What will I do in the I-Corps program? Eligible projects must be in a science, technology, engineering or mathematics STEM discipline. Time commitment varies based on the bootcamp program you choose to attend see below.

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Identify the Critical Route to decide the next steps regarding the development, maturing or commercialization of their technologies. I-Corps funding is designed to assist teams in performing customer discovery.

where is i corps located

Teams must attend workshops and cohort meetings. Questions from Innovation Hubs?