What time will gta online come on

The Festive Surprise in 2015 ran through January 09, 2016 and featured a wide new range of updates, including snowfall, new properties and vehicles and weapons. Snowfall comes and goes, and is active on at least some servers as of sometime before 11: A huge selection of vehicles have also been discounted in case you don't know what to do with all this cash. Speaking of heists, last year's release of The Doomsday Heist brought jetpacks to the game, along with myriad new vehicles, weapons, properties and clothing.

what time will gta online come on

If the Nightlife DLC is popular it almost certainly will be then we're sure the game will continue to evolve in this manner. After five years of GTA V, we look at how the game could still develop before the next instalment of the gaming giant reaches our screens.

Heres a screenshot if youre still too blind to even use google to find the article http: Impressive, right?

5 things that will happen before GTA VI arrives

Rockstar has also slashed the prices on what may be the largest selection of discounted items any single event week. With that in mind, these are the things that'll happen before GTA VI is in our disc drives or on our hard-drives in a digital-only future.

The map is already huge and the player base is still there, and this is yet another thing that would boost numbers.

what time will gta online come on

This is going to continue, we'd say, with new race events and a combination of supercars and demolition vehicles to help you dominate the online modes. In their stockings, they'll find:.

what time will gta online come on

A "God-Emperor" among mere mortal vehicles , this new super car is available - and fully customizable at - Benny's custom motorworks. Friends have already collected theirs SMH!

what time will gta online come on

Along with all of these perhaps more minor updates, there'll surely be some new heists over the next few years, too. There is a great deal of emphasis on those properties and vehicles that are required to access the gameplay content of various business-oriented updates.

Rockstar is throwing free money at Grand Theft Auto Online players again this week. As GTA Online's player base remains on the rise, this is likely a tactic to make the higher-investment content more accessible to newer players who'd have to grind years-old content before reaching the more recent stuff.

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It's frightening to think about how long GTA V has been around for. With that in mind, it'd make so much sense for Rockstar to turn around and make the online portion of the game free-to-play. What about running your own country club, charging people to play golf?

what time will gta online come on