What melts ice the fastest experiment results

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what melts ice the fastest experiment results

If you have ever made homemade ice cream the old-fashioned way using a hand-crank machine, you probably know that you need ice and rock salt to make the cream mixture cold enough to freeze. Email Email is required. That salt helped melt ice the quickest. Comments how to add steam to the ice? Privacy Policy. Create an Account.

What Melts Ice Fastest? - Science Experiment

Your selected plan: Observations and results Did the ice cube sprinkled with table salt melt the fastest? This is after five minutes:.

what melts ice the fastest experiment results

Log In. Here are some other simple science experiments using common household items that you may enjoy doing at home or in the classroom: Experiments With Salt Melting Ice.

Melting Ice Experiment

As they slow down, they form bonds with each other that arrange the molecules into a solid crystal. Pour hot water on one, cold water on another, steam on another, salt on another, and sugar on another. Be sure to understand words like solution, solvent, colligative properties, freezing point depression, phases of matter, phase transitions, evaporation, condensation and sublimation. When water freezes into ice, the cold causes the water molecules to slow down.

What Makes Ice Melt Fastest?

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what melts ice the fastest experiment results

Email already in use. Grade Level: The objective of this science fair project is to explore the effects of different substances on melting ice. Accessed 26 Feb.