What does the lords supper means

When we are given a gift of great value, a gift that involved personal sacrifice for us, how should we receive it? Year by year, as we grow in spiritual maturity, we surrender more of our lives to our Savior.

Church: The Three-Fold Meaning of the Lord’s Supper

There are some very sorrowful aspects to his death, but the bigger picture is that his death is wonderful news for all of us. The ancient Israelites looked back to the Passover events as the defining moment in their history, when their identity as a nation began.

what does the lords supper means

Our lives are in him, and he is in us. With mourning and regret at the sacrifice? When Peter protested, Jesus said it was necessary that he wash his feet.

what does the lords supper means

Rather, we should receive it with great gratitude, as an expression of great love. It is a gradual process.

What the Lord's Supper Sees and Says by C. H. Spurgeon

Was this Article Helpful? So we hide our sins in the closet, and invite Jesus into the living room.

what does the lords supper means

We continue to participate in his death and in the new covenant because we participate in his life. That is why it has been a prominent part of the Christian tradition throughout the centuries.

That is how we escape death and the slavery of sin, and that is how we are freed to serve the Lord.

what does the lords supper means

When we examine ourselves, we often find sin. Every time we participate, we should be mindful of the great meaning involved in this ceremony.

Lords Supper

Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 10: We rejoice that Jesus has conquered death, and has set free all who were enslaved by a fear of death Hebrews 2: That was when they escaped death and slavery through the intervention of God and they were freed to serve the Lord.

When we are aware that Jesus lives in us, we also pause to think what kind of home we are giving him. We share in his crucifixion Galatians 2: We know that he will come again.

It is a reminder that we need Jesus in our lives.