Pitching drills in softball where is left

Foot placement on the mound keeps a pitcher balanced and in control of her motion.

pitching drills in softball where is left

The four-seam will be your fastest, most consistent pitch and the only fastball you should be concerned with as a beginner, until you can throw strikes 60 percent of the time. The first pitch to learn is the fastball.

This drill requires pitchers to pitch 20 strikes for every 4 balls they pitch. The point is that eventually she will have the same power right next to the wall as she will at her normal pitching distance. Place the pads of your fingers on the seam for a secure grip. Though this may sound strange because this is a speed drill, players should not focus on speed.

Fastpitch Softball Pitching Tips for Beginners

After working on three rotations before a pitch, reduce it to two rotations before the pitch and finally, one rotation and the pitch. When a pitcher gets off-balance, her brain takes over her body and tries to remain upright by using her arms to offset body leans. Practice striding and landing on the power line and stopping in the X position.

If you are not striding long enough, try kicking harder with your stride leg. With the dummy batter, batters stay safe and the pitcher is free to experiment as necessary.

pitching drills in softball where is left

Be careful not to overwork pitchers in this drill, because it requires lots of repetitive pitching. The dummy batter should have a line coming down in front of it, made from some stiff material that will not blow about in the wind.

pitching drills in softball where is left

The pictures below show a pitcher in her X position and also shows her arm circle slightly in front of her body in line with her toes. There are two types: The pictures below illustrate illegal foot placements, foot placements that will lead to balance problems, and then proper legal foot placement.

The palm of your throwing hand is pointed away from your body, the arm circle is on top of your toes, and your arm is long but not locked. When this happens, the pitcher temporally loses control of her arms, which makes throwing strikes nearly impossible.

pitching drills in softball where is left

Curl your fingers slightly so they are not fully touching the ball. Whatever name you choose, this is the strike position because once you get into this position in your motion, strikes are easy.

I have taught and found success in both, but I typically teach a sideways finish—no rotation on the stride leg, knees pinched together, and arms finishing in a scissor motion opposite directions but both along the power line.

Stick to the four-seam when you need a strike. By taking things one component at a time, you can focus your team in whatever area you feel is most important. It is fine to start at half the distance and work back up to the normal pitching distance.