M5071a what is it constructed of

Philips M5071A HeartStart OnSite SMART Adult Replacement Cartridge Electrode Pads

Active surface area is 13 square inches 85 square centimeters per pad, and the cable length is 54 inches 85 centimeters. Great product, delivered to us in a timely fashion. Spare Adult Cartridge Electrode Pads. Main Do Businesses Need...

m5071a what is it constructed of

Download Self-Tests and Troubleshooting. Other Notes: Workplace Medical Corp. Spare Adult Electrode Pads.

m5071a what is it constructed of

Feature 2: It also has an automated instruction for performing CPR. This cartridge contains 1 set of electrode pads and has the Philips "pull handle" built in.

How To Check & Maintain Your MIKEY Defibrillator

Each cartridge neatly stores one set of electrode pads behind a clear plastic cover and has the Philips "pull handle" built in. Contact Us.

m5071a what is it constructed of

After I called to inquire about the AEDs, I was able to place an order and receive all my merchandise within a week. The EAD then decides if a shock is need by the patient or not. ALS Defibrillators.

Philips HeartStart OnSite: AED DEFIB Demonstration Video

These replacement electrode pads are intended for adults anyone over 55 lbs. If you have questions about your defibrillator please feel free to reach out to our team and we will work with you to answer your questions. Also included in the set are the Philip heartstart pads and Philip heartstart battery.

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