How to use list in java programming

List Interface in Java with Examples

It is also possible to convert a Java List to an array. You can also use the removeAll method to remove all the objects in one collection from another collection. The element element 1 occurs 2 times in the List.

The Set will only contain that String once.

The List Interface

It is possible to add all elements from one Java List into another List. It is a factory of ListIterator interface.

how to use list in java programming

The first three add calls add a String instance to the end of the list. First two lists are created. The only bit of trickiness in this example is the equality test between val and it.

how to use list in java programming

The following program uses this algorithm to print the words in its argument list in random order. If the List is not typed, using Java Generics , then you can even mix objects of different types classes in the same List.

how to use list in java programming

Sachin index: It is used to create spliterator over the elements in a list. I want to get the value from List having values as mentioned below: Use Array Lists in Java. Hence, the compiler knows that only a String can be returned from the get method.

Java List – List in Java

The semantics of the List returned by subList become undefined if elements are added to or removed from the backing List in any way other than via the returned List. I have explained how that works in my sorting Java collections tutorial , but I will just show you a few ways to sort a Java List in the following sections.

This method returns true if the list iterator has more elements while traversing the list in the forward direction.

how to use list in java programming

Note that the capacity is not a fixed limit. The previous operation moves the cursor backward, whereas next moves it forward. The operations inherited from Collection all do about what you'd expect them to do, assuming you're already familiar with them.

We can use Collections class for natural sorting or we can use List sort method and use our own Comparator for sorting.