How to plant green velvet boxwood bushes

Quick Facts Botanical Name: Avoid growing it near ground covers. All I can say is I hope they fill out and quick or I will have to look for another privacy solution.

Green Velvet Boxwood

Cannabis Culture Careers Advertising. Jan 27, 2015 Messages: Let the shrub settle, but only enough that its top remains above the soil line.

how to plant green velvet boxwood bushes

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Woodwidow and Brad38 like this. Attached Files: Shrub Guides. See Schedule Ship Form: The cultivar grows into a neat mound, 2 to 4 feet in all directions, and requires only manicuring to help it look its best.

How to Care for Green Velvet Boxwood

Home Guides SF Gate. Most orders ship immediately, however some orders may ship in 1-2 business days we do not ship on the weekends from date of purchase. Special Features: This hybrid shrub is equally at home in a country or city setting.

how to plant green velvet boxwood bushes

Edge a garden sheering gives it a formal look Encircle an edible garden to add structure Makes a wonderful statement in containers framing an entryway Mass planting.

Boxwood is best sited in locations sheltered from strong winds, with, if possible, some protection from full winter sun.

How to Plant Green Velvet Boxwood Bushes

The hardiness and compact growth habit of Korean Boxwood has the luxuriant deep green color of English Boxwood. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 6 through 9, its shortcomings include intolerance of wet or salty soils and moderate susceptibility to leaf spot or blight; boxwood leaf miners and mites may be minor problems. They can grow from zones 5-8, and can tolerate full sun to almost full shade depending on where you are located.

Its been down to -23 Fahrenheit here couple nights several winters ago,the whole plant is still thriving. Boxwood Questions and Answers. Encircle shrub with a berm, or soil mound, 6 inches from its base to create a water basin. Yellowing foliage can be a sign of this and should be treated with a horticultural oil or insecticide spray. Warning Do not grow boxwood on soil that has been compacted by construction equipment or that drains poorly. I planted one English Boxwood at corner of front yard near the sidewalk in spring 1997.

how to plant green velvet boxwood bushes

Boxwood Green Velvet Learn2Grow: May 8, 2015.