How to make alcohol stove pot stands

how to make alcohol stove pot stands

See our Conical Potstand Page for more information on these stands. The windscreen above is way too heavy.

Ultra Light Pot Stand for Alcohol Stove

Charcoal Starters - related ideas. Then I'd push the can in behind the blade - I didn't actually use the blade much to do the cutting.

how to make alcohol stove pot stands

I'd rotate the cans in place, usually applying light pressure on the side, to score the cans. I have included a diagram of an improved jig as well. Note this stove is kinda high, so there is not much space between the top of the stove and the pot.

The alcohol is vaporized and flames jet out from the small holes. These alcohol stoves are designed for boil a couple of cups of water.

how to make alcohol stove pot stands

Fold it so that there is just a slight gap for the other leg to click into. That worked out really well until I got in some windy conditions and the heat from the alcohol stove melted some of the aluminum.

It's sturdy, but you pay a weight penalty. To estimate H , add 1 cm to P The exact width and height will depend on how tight your bends are.

how to make alcohol stove pot stands

Then I bent it up, and it could fit inside my pot. The night before we camped at Tyndall Creek where there was a bear box. Find out your pot diameter.

how to make alcohol stove pot stands

Add 4 cm. A soda can stove is fairly stable with a pot on top....

A small round file from my hobby tools helped. I've found that to be important so all the little bits and parts don't get lost or crushed in my pack. These are now very popular in the hiking community for their efficiency and utility.

Alcohol Stove Pot Stand