How to install pier mount adapter

how to install pier mount adapter

Posted 2011-11-26T19: I would first consult a local and licensed electrician first before continuing with this project. The Home Depot does also sell Tapcon self tapping masonry and brick anchors that require no drilling. Sign In to join the community Help.

If you can't use a pier base, remember you will need room for the wiring connections to take place and for the connections to rest securely without damaging them.

how to install pier mount adapter

Garden Club Project Ideas: The Pier Base holes do not line up with the mortor, so I will have to go through the brick. However, some may be fitted with a pier base that we sell in our lighting department.

If your fixture has this capability of fitting a pier base on the bottom, I would strongly suggest to purchase one first, so as to give it a very stable base.

Visualize Kichler lighting and Sherwin-Williams paint all in one tool.

Installing Lighting Pier Mounts without screws

Match your lighting and your wall color with our intuitive visualization tools. Installing Lighting Pier Mounts without screws. If you are renting out your drill, the bits are included with your rental agreement, and you always want to go for a little smaller in diameter bit than your screw itself example: Based on your response, drilling into the brick will be the best option, so purchasing a drill bit made to go through brick smoothly is what I need.

I think I mistakenly referred to it as a pier mount. Not any more. The new light I purchased have pier mounts that require 4 holes to be drilled; however, I would rather secure the pier mounts without drilling the holes in the bricks.

How To Fix Misplaced Pole Base Bolts For Parking Lot Pole Lights

Best Answer. Getting the pier mount lights secure is going to be crucial in this as well as finding a high-quality item to secure it properly to the brick.

how to install pier mount adapter

Not Required Width: Posted 2011-11-27T16: Customers Show Off Project Ideas: When it comes down to brass tacks, it is honestly much better to drill into the brick to fasten the pier mounts safely and securely. Below is an image of one that can be used between the brick and lighting pier.

Lots of pier mount lights are just flat pieces that allow the wires to run through in the middle. Date published: No Safety Rated: Shop, Buy or Order Locally Submit. I know you have a preference to not go this route, but it will be easier to take the fixture off or do any maintenance work on them in the future.

how to install pier mount adapter