How to identify 78 rpm records

how to identify 78 rpm records

They usually had 3-4 tracks per side and were, for the most part, labelled Long Playing. Certainly rarity is at the top of my list. The size of the label can help you determine the approximate age.

how to identify 78 rpm records

Use a mild liquid dish-washing detergent, and rinse well before drying. That night I was searching online, and I came across a Youtube video. Another area of interest is test pressings. Explore this fascinating topic using the link below.

There are many reasons for suggesting this which I hope to cover in this short article. The US ones seems lighter, are more resonant when knocked on and less flexible. The fact is, that for much of the 1920s, Victor masters on HMV are, as it were, upside down!

Vintage Vinyl Records Sizes & Types – A Guide to Your Collection

However, the 78 speed was not fully standardized until the early 1930s; prior to this time, playing speeds ranged anywhere from around 60 to 130 rpm! The record is unplayable or might even be broken. In many cases, it may be a single, one-off recording as well. There are many places to sell 78rpms nowadays.

How do you tell Vinyl from Shellac?

Jazz Hound website explains: They are commonly referred to as micro-groove records, and play at 45 or 33 rpm. Most vintage disc records were made from a shellac-based material, though vinyl discs began to appear in the post WW-II era. In Canada, some exist from 1960, though they're very scarce.

Remember, this is just a rough guide so there are exceptions to everything.

how to identify 78 rpm records

They also recorded for Edison Bell, and more that one of them never returned to the U. Only one take would be selected for issue in most cases, but there are occasions where alternate takes were issued as well, possibly by accident... There are many reasons why more than one take may be made.

If you are not sure of how records in general — 78s in particular — were made, click this link for an outline of the process.

how to identify 78 rpm records

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