How to get natural looking blonde highlights

Laying the groundwork for smooth grow out.

How to Make Your Highlights Look Natural

What I love about it is that the rosey tones in her color happened very organically as her previous color lifted, creating this beautiful, soft, almost pink-red. What I love about this look is how marketable it is for so many of my clients.

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how to get natural looking blonde highlights

Balayage Balayage is when colour that is painted on with a brush and paddle board to create natural, sun-kissed looking highs and lows - giving the hair beautiful dimension. Bronde hair color is a wonderful option for women who have light brown hair because you don't have to color your entire head.

how to get natural looking blonde highlights

A good foundation is 1! I recommend that if you are the client that wants to go from blonde to brown, to red, and now back to blonde that you take the transition process slow. Keep in mind that blonde can be a very high-maintenance hair color. It's not one giant swath of the same color, there's tons of dimension here, which makes it look even more natural.

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Ready to Go Blonde? 20 Tips You Need to Know

This look works well for those clients who are looking for a low maintenance hair color and style, but still want to feel pretty blonde!

This brush is amazing! Think about if you can maintain a fresh haircut every 6-8 weeks. Then, later we'll know exactly what to lift your color to. I prefer purple conditioner as purple shampoos are drying to the hair.

Thinking About Getting Highlights? Read This First

These are the components that make it natural and beautiful. The Thermique and serum work to strengthen and protect your hair from the heat of the tools and will add softness and shine. This is a very trendy look. Without lightening all the hair, a balayage is a great alternative to give texture and style!

how to get natural looking blonde highlights

There Are Few Natural Blondes. The way I like to do blonde highlights is with a ton of back to back foils for an impactful, bright blonde without a streaky look. This hairstyle features natural rooty blonde highlights. This will be great for added moisture and to keep the color from fading faster.

Here's how to get dreamy blonde highlights exactly like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

You can get a few highlights around your face for a pop of brightness, or combine with balayage to get a impactful, low maintenance blonde. Still, blonde hair remains the most popular hair color in America.

how to get natural looking blonde highlights

A half-head is usually recommended for those with shorter or finer hair. This tone really makes green, hazel, or brown eyes pop.