How to find a church home

Looking for the 'Right' Church?

What to Look for in a Church 4: Keeping in mind the purposes of the church, we're now ready to get into some specifics about finding a church. Sometimes Christians spend a lot of time trying to find just the "right" church.

how to find a church home

Christianity consists of numerous denominations and some primary traditions. The church is also to edify Christians. Although different Christian churches have different forms of worship styles or music, the purpose is to worship God, not to entertain or amuse the congregation.

How to Find a Church: 7 Things to Look for

What to Look for in a Church 2: Talk About It We were not created for isolation. If worship styles in the church were like flavors of ice cream, Baskin-Robbins would be out of business.

how to find a church home

Knowing what you are looking for is important. It is an undeniable fact that preaching was one of the primary ways in which Jesus did ministry.

how to find a church home

You won't. Am I judging this new group of people on my past experiences or present circumstances? Matthew 28: Where better to look for guidance on how to find a church than the Bible? As children of God, Christians can have power to follow Jesus even when the way is hard, power to make Jesus known to others, power to love and to serve.

how to find a church home

He has promised to be faithful to His children, and God always keeps His promises. God just also happens to be the guy who invented stories. Are the members doers of the Word, motivated by love for God and the mission to make disciples?

Does the church encourage and practice holiness?