How much is a crystal rock

Dark Amethyst Elestial Crystal Item: Fine Transparent Smoky Quartz Rough,.

how much is a crystal rock

This phantom quartz crystal specimen has all natural surfaces with some abraded areas and some surfaces with milky quartz coatings. Natural Citrine. We have separate pages displaying natural color rose quartz mineral specimens of lapidary grade, and we have a large selection of genuine phantom quartz crystal specimens available in very rare qualities!

Rock Crystal

Quartz Crystal Cluster. Quartz crystal, Swarovski?

how much is a crystal rock

Quartz Crystal Item: How much is a rock crystal. If it has a label or you know for certain, then contact the Geological Survey of the state it came from. Watch out for artificial prices driven by sudden popularity. You need outside assistance!

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how much is a crystal rock

See also a full view of this naturally terminated quartz crystal cluster. This unique crystal is mostly transparent and it has natural green and purple chlorite phantom layers inside.

The naturally terminated tips of the two main crystals are in excellent condition! The amethyst crystal pictured here has sharp crystal edges with no abrasions.

how much is a crystal rock

These specimens generally have all the positive characteristics mentioned in this article and are in some way thought to be aesthetically attractive at least to the dealer. It drives the prices of virtually all crystals.

Buying Crystals

This beautiful decorator crystal has areas with light to dark all natural smoky color. So to determine value, you must first determine exactly what you have.

Dark Amethyst Elestial Crystal This item is in someone's ore cart, please check back. The front surfaces allow you to see into the crystal as shown. Video games are worth whatever gamers are willing to pay to get them.


Small Polished Quartz Crystals Item: How do you know if a purple rock is an amethyst crystal? The prismatic faces and terminations have some minor abrasions and are in good overall condition. Natural quartz crystals with this form are known as cathedral quartz.