House members who voted against fiscal cliff

It's now the House's turn to seal the deal.

house members who voted against fiscal cliff

Six of Alabama's seven representatives... She also put added pressure on Boehner to allow the measures to go to a vote in the House, noting that he had previously suggested any bill from the Senate would be put in front of Representatives. She said that she is now looking for "a straight up-or-down vote" on the compromise.

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house members who voted against fiscal cliff

But by Tuesday night, it was clear they did not have the will to prolong the crisis any further and the House was preparing for a straight vote on the Senate bill. Automatic cuts in federal spending will also kick in. Related stories by this author. Those developments closely followed an impromptu news conference held by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who called for action on the bill.

Legislation to block the "fiscal cliff" is headed to the White House for President Barack Obama's signature.

If the country goes over the fiscal cliff on 1 January , as seems increasingly likely, and every taxpayer sees a rise, there might then be a way out.

If Boehner cannot control his own Republican party, it is difficult to see how a deal is going to be reached before 1 January. Get more out of its 600,000 underemployed, experts say How can Alabama succeed?

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house members who voted against fiscal cliff

Moments ago, the offices of Cantor and House Speaker John Boehner released seemingly identical statements noting that "The lack of spending cuts in the Senate bill was a universal concern amongst members in today's meeting. About 0. But Richard "Machine Gun" Shelby is ready to shoot the whole deal down before it gets to the good part.

The standoff is almost a rerun of a similar one in spring and summer 2011 when Boehner and Obama almost reached a deal on resolving the debt crisis but it had to be abandoned after Boehner faced a revolt. Without an agreement by 1 January, every taxpayer in America will face a rise.

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House Votes To Approve 'Fiscal Cliff' Legislation

Obama warned that there could be consequences if there was not an agreement on the debt ceiling. People at the grass roots want Washington to spend less, not more. Do you support the fiscal cliff deal approved by Congress? Skip to Main Content.

fiscal cliff

Ad Choices. Why I voted against Sandy relief bill Rep. The bill Boehner had been proposing to pass, the so-called 'Plan B', was primarily tactical, with no chance of ever becoming legislation.

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US Congress passes 'fiscal cliff' deal