Facebook limit what friends see

How to Use Facebook's Restricted List

Click the "About" link on your Facebook Timeline. Click the "Save" button to keep your changes.

facebook limit what friends see

We have all had to accept Facebook friend requests from people we'd rather not share intimate details of our day-to-day lives with, whether that's your boss, a slightly creepy acquaintance, or even your mom.

References Facebook: Even if only your "friends" can read your content, who knows what will happen? Some content you share may be inappropriate for younger friends, certain family members or co-workers. Tips Create a group within Facebook and select it as an option in the privacy settings to limit access to a small group of people. Facebook provides several techniques to control who can view different things you post on the social networking website.

Facebook friends on your Restricted list will still be able to see all of your posts published with the Public privacy setting as well as any posts published with the Friends privacy setting that they are personally tagged or mentioned in.

facebook limit what friends see

Log in to Facebook and click "Friends" in the sidebar of the homepage. Small Business - Chron. Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name.

You can limit what friends see on Facebook by adding them to your Restricted friends group or to a custom limited-access group. The exact text will vary depending on how you're accessing Facebook.

facebook limit what friends see

Open the official Facebook app on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Facebook , Online Privacy. Facebook shows everything you post to all your friends by default. The menu text will change depending on what app you're using or if you're on the Facebook website but the function is the same regardless of what it says. You will also be able to continue seeing their posts in your feed as per usual.

How Sharing Works Now.

facebook limit what friends see

Click on the "Friends" drop-down box that appears at the bottom right of their cover photo. Click the "Post" button. If you choose "Public," they will. Tech News Android. We had a look at how to create and manage such a list so that you can stay Facebook friends with someone without letting them see every single little activity you get up to.

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Click the dialog box's drop-down list and click "Friends. Main image courtesy of Flickr, Jeremy Brooks , screenshots courtesy of Facebook. Continue Reading.

facebook limit what friends see

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