Bloc party lyrics signs everywhere

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Like Eating Glass lyrics

SRXT and Kreuzburg also gets special mention for how sad and thoughtful both songs are. In no particular order: You're whispering my name. From Song Album. No bad memes.

Bloc Party - Signs [With Lyrics]

Hero, because it sounds so different to the average song, cant put my finger on why, but the make up of it just seems different and i like it. I can't just simply list 5 songs you know ;.


I could go on for days here. I personally think an album to rival one of the big four could be made out of the rare and b-side tracks.

Back On Track Lyrics. Fine choice made if you ask me, but who knows! Ashes To Ashes Lyrics. For me I would say: Album Silent Alarm 2005.

Like Eating Glass Lyrics

Which brings us to Intimacy. TINAC - i was one of the lucky ones to see this live, and even before then it was one of my favorites. All Rights Reserved. Ion Square - beautiful, moody tune. Posts must be relevant to Bloc Party, its members, or their side-projects.