Bag 2012 whoa nelly

We also have an amazing caterer!

bag 2012 whoa nelly

For those not currently in the know this is the Mark Tuckey eggcup stool with white painted top. I loved your list.

Keith Jackson explains 'Whoa, Nellie!'

Loving your ideas needless to say! I'm crediting our swift and successful sale to several things, living in a great suburb Holland Park represent!!

bag 2012 whoa nelly

Lilith Fair, Vol. So happy that you and I are both in the throes of planning our weddings! It was safe to say I was a goner. Blessings, Harmony.

bag 2012 whoa nelly

I honestly do. Well Well, 10. I've discovered something about myself recently...

Whoa Nelly!

We're probably the last to see it but we're seeing it none the less... I have them everywhere at the reception.

bag 2012 whoa nelly

I got married last August, and would have loved peonies, too. And it's not just the amazing 1930's Grand Dames we are surrounded by, it's the people.

Whoa, Nelly! [International Version] by Nelly Furtado (CD, Oct-2000, Dreamworks SKG)

The time flies by! We finally have a SOLD sign out the front and we're down to the basics inside. These girls are amazing. I love her to death!!!!!!!!!

bag 2012 whoa nelly