What is petrosal bulla

Definition cone shaped rib cage and torso, long curved digit bones, small thumbs, and long arms to aid in arm swinging.

Definition the fused tail vertebrae that are very small in humans and apes. Term petrosal Bulla.

what is petrosal bulla

Level Undergraduate 2. Term who developed taxonomy.

Definition pointed out that bipedal humans walk more efficiently than knuckle walking apes. Definition Kingdom. Term Internal Fertilization. Definition the twelve verebrae of the thorax that hold the ribs. Definition anagenesis or phyletic evolution in which evolution occurs in gradual intermediate changes over the course of generations.

Definition Genus name and species name - Homo Sapiens - distinuish from genus and species, and 2 names together establish bi-nomial system. Definition members of the primate suborder anthropoidea that includes monkeys apes and hominids. Term natural selection in bipeds.

Term Prosimian. Definition portion of the innominate bone that forms the bony underpinning of the rump.

what is petrosal bulla

Term strephshrine movement. Definition Monotremes which are a small and unusual tazonomic group that includes the australian platypus and echidna. Definition Came up with arboreal hypothesis in 1920s.

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Definition hominid intelligence and brain size increase is seen a the result of tool use and extracting and foraging. Definition heel strikes first fooled by rest of foot. Term levels above species. Term acetabulum.

what is petrosal bulla