What is participatory rural appraisal in research

Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA)- rural market research tool

Stages of participation Generally the following five stages are followed for PRA in qualitative method:. Women as a group in all the communities were particularly excluded as a result of this.

A diverse team uses a basket of tools and techniques to generated information from several sources for cross checking of qualitative information and ensure reliability. Free listing and pile sorting Free listing is used to obtain a clear understanding of the definition and boundaries of what is being studied.

what is participatory rural appraisal in research

Doing and Reflecting. In practice, they are widely used almost interchangeably and some people and agencies make little distinction between them.

The flexibility of these methods allowed the project to adapt its approach to accommodate these issues. Considerable consensus was achieved within the communities and a basis laid for continuing support for the project and its activities. Appropriate estimation: The study design also allows flexibility and adoptability. NGOs, particularly those based locally, are more likely to have the kind of long-term commitment to working in a particular area or community which can support the kinds of development generated by PRA.

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Various tentative categories of PRA are explained and some of the possible uses outlined. On-spot analysis: This process was supposed to involve villagers from tribal communities in creating their own plans for natural resource development. Participatory mapping Participatory mapping social mapping, historical mapping, natural mapping, resource mapping etc.

what is participatory rural appraisal in research

The next chapter looks at how other types of agencies might be able to use PRA, and RRA in certain circumstances, particularly depending on the sort of planning framework in which they are operating. Specific techniques are used to encourage greater involvement among people and to enable them to take the leading role in appraising conditions and identifying solutions.

what is participatory rural appraisal in research

Retrieved July 23, 2011 from http: PRAs involve intensive interaction between communities and outsiders which can have lasting effects in breaking down the barriers of reticence and suspicion which often characterise these relationships.

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