What is energy flow on ecomap

As a practitioner, try to view this sort of discussion as useful.

The Ecomap – A Social Work Assessment Tool

There are many options when creating an ecomap and the types of lines and figures used can vary, as long as they are identified in the Legend. When using ecomaps in session with clients, the following best practices are recommended:.

Once the eco-map is completed you can then assess whether the family's needs are being met from their basic needs for food, shelter and an income through to their need for belonging and social connectedness.

Families who have flexible open boundaries have healthy relationships with people outside the family. Drawing an Eco-map Use a white board or a large piece of paper and draw a large circle in the centre. Lexington KY: They can be particularly useful in working with migrant and refugee families to get a picture of the breadth of their social and family connections or to map areas of isolation or disconnection that may need to be addressed.

what is energy flow on ecomap

Family-Centered Social Work Practice. Ecomapping is a participatory activity that is best accompanied by constant and meaningful dialogue between client and clinician as they work together to visualize and assess the person-in-environment and gain new insights into client relationships. Eco-maps provide a clear visual representation of the state of boundaries within a family unit and highlight where a worker may need to encourage parents to allow more openness and input so individual members can develop relationships both external to the family as well as internal.

Eco-maps can highlight deficits in service delivery, duplication of service delivery or a lack of co-ordinated service delivery. Related Posts. Using visual tools to engage clients in eliciting this information is one way that social workers can effectively join with clients at the early stages of the therapeutic relationship, and ecomaps are one such effective tool.

Simple Guide to Eco-Maps

Ecomap activity [Internet]. Available from http: Previous Next. Barefoot Social Work Blog; 2016 [cited 2016 Jun 7]. Ann Hartman who is also credited with creating the genogram.

Put each persons name and age in the centre of the square or circle.

what is energy flow on ecomap

New York: When working with a young person's family, there may be some disagreement amongst family members about the quality of the relationships and level and nature of support provided by extended family, friends, church, school and other external sources.

An Ecomap is a diagram often used by social workers or nurses showing the social and personal relationships of an individual with his or her environment. Eco-maps also help you to analyze whether the level and type of support the family is receiving from health, welfare, employment and other services is adequate and appropriate for their needs.

Whilst genograms provide an historical picture of the family and the links across and between generations, eco-maps locate the family in their current social context.

what is energy flow on ecomap

Download a free Ecomap template here.