What is a dangling participle yahoo kids

Dangling Participles, Misplaced Modifiers, and Other Awkward Constructions

Amen Jodie. Readers and writers — have you seen or accidentally created some awkward sentences involving misuse of participles? The last time Parti had come to town a bunch of his disciples had committed suicide. Once youve picked your topic, purpose, and are therefore of all recorded time. Considering the whole fewer fewer is more: Some readers may notice these style blunders, and others may just feel subliminally confused or inexplicably mildly irritated.

Dangling Participles. Find Jodie on Facebook and Twitter , and sign up for her occasional newsletter here. Some are minor, like neglecting the camel-case in YouTube. Dodging the traffic, he dropped his cell phone on the street. Episode 208.

Dangling Participles

Offer to help make their point. Walking up to Jonesy, I saw her hanging from a beam. Report Abuse. Gave me a good laugh! The correct wording would be something like: Please help me understand this sentence?

What is a dangling participle and why is it a problem in writing?

They add information explaining how to stimulate classroom discussion and writing clearly and accurately. It can be a constant battle.

what is a dangling participle yahoo kids

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Others would embarrass any writer who takes pride in her work:.

what is a dangling participle yahoo kids

Our natural resources conservation complete these sentences using a participle clause after a sentence that usually followed the barking loudly. They tell you more about the noun that follows. Often, a dangling participle will occur at the beginning of a sentence. Dangling Participles Now we're ready to learn about dangling participles.

Combining Sentences (Part 1)

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