Stronghold kingdoms what to research first

Arts Education tab. Now let cut to the chase, there are several thing you MUST research in any style of game play. You want to start placing churches etc. Beginners Guide Complete guide to gaining honour fast, ranking up quickly, and building parishes.

This is how it will look like after you have placed all the buildings in a construction queue.

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Players may also receive free research points from Strategy Cards. The only thing u will produce will be weaponry and small amount of banquet. Written by FarmerX.

Parish Advice for Beginners, a Ramble - STRONGHOLD KINGDOMS

A faction of players could time their attack on your castle in waves i. How do I avoid being attacked by human players?

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To clarify, you can keep on earning Honour Points to entitle you to higher ranks; just don't promote to the next rank until it is necessary. There are many people confused about how to spend their points in researches.

Force March — Hit them with a speed of light and left our foes no time to prepare.

stronghold kingdoms what to research first

Research is a fundamental part of the Stronghold Kingdoms experience: View Castle Layouts. Quest List Information on all 174 quests in Stronghold Kingdoms and how to complete them.

stronghold kingdoms what to research first

You could act as mercenary for hire. However Banqueting will work out better when you are starting out.

stronghold kingdoms what to research first

Build at least 2 Ballistas. There are two ways to successfully repel computer-player attacks i. It is invaluable.