Selco india products wholesale

To date, the company has given people in 35 villages in Sitapur district, including Thigra, access to electricity.

selco india products wholesale

Aug 19, 2012. Our Partners.

He did not take any payment and simply wanted the family to try out the system, which powered four lights. The best Eco-Business stories, jobs and events delivered to your inbox — daily or weekly.

selco india products wholesale

Partner with Us Write to us at selco selco-india. Hande's success has inspired many others to enter the solar product market. Supporting Organisations. Subscribe Now! One such unit or kilowatt hour would light a single 40-watt bulb for 24 hours. Over the last 18 years, SELCO has successfully served over 160,000 customers, improving their lives and livelihoods, through its 38 energy service centers across India. Tweet Youtube.

selco india products wholesale

In 1994, nearly half a century after Independence, Mullaria village in Kerala's Kasargod district still had no access to electricity. By 2016, he wants to have six such innovation labs. The firm has five hubs now.

Spreading Sunshine

In Karnataka itself, for instance, rural areas are denied power for at least eight hours a day, on average. Indeed, while state-supplied power is cheap, Thigra, just 90 km from Lucknow, gets none of it - the village is not connected to the grid. Subscribe to our newsletters. Each microgrid generates enough electricity to power 35 households for seven hours.

selco india products wholesale

Kerosene lanterns lit most homes in the village, darkening walls and blackening lungs. He has proved that poor and rural folk are willing to invest in reasonably priced technology.

SELCO shows commitment to high quality, efficient off-grid appliances

Selco-India chairman Dr Harish Hande said there is a threat of monopolisation in future in terms of creation of workers in view of the skill developme... While panels, batteries and other accessories are bought from various vendors, SELCO manufactures the solar lamps at its own facility in Mangalore.

selco india products wholesale

Another offshoot of its business is villagers opening bank accounts to save a part of their earnings. We provide tailored energy solutions across customer segments, sectors and geographies.

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