Nvx xploc2 how to install

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nvx xploc2 how to install

I know you can't hear the quality over youtube so you guys are just going to have to take my word for it. In the MOST loop, you get the entire freq range to work with when running your amp. Typically a 12v input on the amp next to power and ground that should be wired to any 12v source that is energized when car ignition or radio is turned on. You will also want some double sided velcro to put the new amp on top of the Bose one.

NVX XPLOC2 300w Super Low Distortion 2-channel Adjustable Line Output Converter

A note, first time ever trying a LOC. I just started hooking up all my wires tonight and came to one issue with me LOC; The power. In certain types of music, it seems like the bass is muffled. Remember, I know nothing about this stuff so go easy on me man!

line out put diagram to rear speakers?

This way you are getting the absolute genuine source signal rather than grabbing it after the OEM amp which has filtered out certain frequencies and kept those that Bose thought would work with it's shitty sub. All times are GMT -7.

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nvx xploc2 how to install

I've seen a bunch. Try this link: Bulkybear , Jan 13, 2013.

nvx xploc2 how to install

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