Mackie srm 550 how to use

mackie srm 550 how to use

Of more interest to me was the 3kHz crossover point of both full-range versions, which should fall well within the safe long—term operating range of the HF driver and hopefully lead to good reliability in this department.

The fourth mode is for monitor operation, and introduces a sharper LF roll-off and more pronounced shaping in the middle band. The enclosure, like the full-range models, is made from 18mm ply and has a good metal grille protecting the front.

mackie srm 550 how to use

Find out more. It's also missing notched, easier to set knobs.

SRM Professional

Unlike the QSC, there is no fan in the back, so it it a little less noisy even if the K10's noise level is not a real problem anyway. High-durability black paint Handles: Review 1. EDIT from May 2015: Polar Audio, who represent Mackie in the UK, sent along a pair of each for me to take a look at. The control panel is neat and well laid out, with plenty of workspace around the knobs and connectors.

mackie srm 550 how to use

Speaker Speaker. Any advertised discounts or savings will still apply. Now the company have extended the family, by adding three new high—powered, all—wood models with increased functionality.

Mackie SRM550, SRM650 & SRM1850

We were driven by a QSC Touchmix 16 mixer an excellent mixer with no noise by the way... Many new speaker designs released into the wild will have some new feature to set them apart from what has gone before, and the SRM550 and 650 is equipped with a built—in feedback destroyer that can, if required, automatically assign four sharp 16th of an octave notch filters when feedback is detected.

mackie srm 550 how to use

Now as far as reliability is concerned only time will tell, at a certain given period Mackie suffered justified criticisms in that regard. User reviews.

Live Demo and In-Depth Product Research for Mackie SRM550 and SRM650 PA Speaker

I still compare it to the QSC K10 which are already very good. Previous article Next article. In addition compared with the QSC, there is a 4-band feedback destroyer, which I haven't had the opportunity to try yet but can sometimes be useful in monitoring use.

mackie srm 550 how to use

Back at base, I set the speakers up again to have another play and check out some of the other functions. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Ferrite Amplifier System Power Amplification: Login You may login with either your assigned username or your e-mail address.

I used the SRM1850 subs and the SRM650 tops on the main stage, and despatched the crew to rig the smaller SRM550 units on the smaller second stage in another part of the town centre.