How to tig weld aluminum thermostat housing

Figure 1: The torch and the filler rod should roughly be in a 90-degree configuration to each other Figure 2.

TIG Welding Aluminum

In addition to properly controlling heat, consider these tips to optimize results when welding aluminum with GTAW. TIG welding is far and above the most versatile form of welding you can do, so it pays to become proficient and to have the right gear. You May Also Like.

how to tig weld aluminum thermostat housing

When you are welding a T-joint, the heat can flow in three directions, compared to welding a butt joint where the heat can flow only in two directions. Adding more filler metal is one technique you can use to achieve the stacked-dimes look when welding aluminum with GTAW.

Tips for welding cast aluminum?

With AC, the direction of current flow continuously changes throughout the weld. The housing I have can stand to be a bit longer too.

The inverter also allows the user to vary the waveform and phase to vary the balance to optimize cleaning during AC operation.

Figure 4: Maximum rate of deposition is obtained with filler wire or rod of the largest practical diameter while welding at the maximum practical welding current.

how to tig weld aluminum thermostat housing

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For example, aluminum can be exposed to fresh water, salt water, exhaust gas carbon, oil, and other nasty things. At least one newsletter must be selected.

Tig welding cast aluminum

Within each, the parameters are adjustable, but with a difference: Shcolls athletes foot spray and it works great. And with the right alloy filler, you can even join dissimilar metal types, like cast iron and steel.

how to tig weld aluminum thermostat housing

Jul 27, 2008 Posts: The heat of the welding releases the hydrogen from these sources, causing porosity in the weld. Not around the rod. Do you already have an account?