How to remove a computer motherboard

How do i remove this? (Cpu cable on motherboard)

Look at picture 4. Small - 600px Medium - 800px Large - 1200px.

how to remove a computer motherboard

Moderators online. Step 12 Align the four screws on the heat sink with the screw holes on the motherboard, and then secure the screws. Was this page useful?

how to remove a computer motherboard

Now plug the SATA cables back in and slot your expansion cards back into place. Step 9 Pull back on the load lever to lift the load plate off the CPU.

How to replace your PC's motherboard

Forums Hardware Motherboards. This decision will be largely dictated by how big of a motherboard your computer case can accept. How to install a power supply in...

How to remove your motherboard from your PC -- Guide

Having areas set out to place you computer parts as they are removed is a more than helpful step that is recommended to be taken. It's not difficult, if you've read this How-to. Thomas Ryan Ensuring your motherboard's socket is compatible with your processor is key.

how to remove a computer motherboard

Step 18 Replace the side panel. Replace your PC's heart: Select a Language: You pretty much just have to replace everything you just pulled out of your old motherboard.

how to remove a computer motherboard

Be careful! Step 2 Remove all graphics cards and expansion cards. Missed a Step Oops!