How to make infinity scarf with pockets

Step Three — Place the lining on top of the other side of the zipper, right sides together.

how to make infinity scarf with pockets

Thank you for all your hard work with these freebies ladies, I am very grateful! Judy Binder — December 6, 2018. Cities of the Underworld 9am 8c.

how to make infinity scarf with pockets

Step Five — Trim corners and seam allowances. My aunt in a nursing home would love this because she can hide her lipstick and tissues in the pocket!

Hidden Pocket Scarf DIY

Home Interests Travel Tips Articles. Enter your email address below and I'll send you update straight to your inbox. Any vest, jacket, or accessory that has zippered pockets and I am sold. Expedition Unknown 3am 2c. This is wonderful!

how to make infinity scarf with pockets

Pin and close up the opening with a blind stitch. Upcycled Camera Straps 3 Ways 00: If you are jogging or doing cartwheels you are right, the keys would be rolling around the scarf but I do not do cartwheels, I just walk so they stay just inside at the bottom of the scarf where I left them.

This is a twist on a classic infinity scarf…we added a hidden, zippered pocket to it!

2018 Holiday Freebies :: Infinity Scarf with Hidden Zipper Pocket

Super easy to follow along. This looks easy enough for this dyslectic girl to do.

how to make infinity scarf with pockets

My scarf was 26 x 69 inches 66 cms x 175 cms. Flannel from JoAnn […].

P4P Infinity Scarf with Zipper Tutorial

Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email. Thanks for reading this post, feel free to comment if you need more details! So I had an idea to make a scarf with a hidden pocket and thought, instead of using new fabric why not make it with an older scarf I had not used in a long time.