How to make freebase amphetamine

how to make freebase amphetamine

Find the best treatment options. Do not do any other activities inside the place where you are making Amphetamine. This can be done, for example, by neutralizing the solution to approximately pH 10 or greater using a suitable base. The method of claim 13 wherein the amine is a cyclic amine and the cyclic amine is selected from the group consisting of pyridine, l,5-diazabicyclo[5.

Previous Patent: The method of claim 9 wherein the hydrocarbon is an aliphatic hydrocarbon and the aliphatic hydrocarbon is selected from the group consisting of octane, heptane, hexane, and pentane. Then, stop warming right away. Warming the mixture may result in a violent reaction. When the reaction is silent or has a negligible violence, reflux it for about 2 hours.

Whether you want freebase or not is a different question.


In addition to smuggling it to the nearby territories, they use it for enduring the long bloodshed or gun battles. It was run, or drizzled along cold glass or enamel iron bathtubs were the best as they were uniformly temperate and always cold. Patent 6,399,828, each of which is incorporated herein by reference in its entirety. All rights reserved.

how to make freebase amphetamine

Submit a new text post. I only wish it would be legalized again!!

How To Make Amphetamine – Get All The Facts

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how to make freebase amphetamine

It is because a 2001 patent mentioned in Google Patents also refers this. The product, 1-phenyl-2-nitropopene, has to be reduced with Red-Al or Vitride in some toluene or benenze, or some mix fo xylene, and the freebase of amphetamine forms.

Create an account. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. The writer or anyone associated with this website does not endorse any product, prescription or illicit chemicals, and other addictive substances that the law prohibits. In some embodiments the extracting medium is an organic solvent, such as an alkyl ester of an. When I was a young man we had amphetamine in a green pill form, called green amps!

The method of claim 1 further comprising exposing the first or second organic solvent to a dessicant.

how to make freebase amphetamine

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