How do you spell lina

Lena Prior.

The Amazing Lina Spell Build

I was going to vote for Lena, but I went with Leena instead. May God Bless you and your family always. The issue of Lena being Lay-nuh is what I was worried about. Lena is the only way to go.....

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Leena Prior. I have met people with the spelling Lena and it has been pronounced Lay-nuh. You are posting a comment as a guest.

how do you spell lina

I would be concerned that people would pronounce Lena Len-a. I have always hade the issue of people misspelling my name my entire life. Even if you don't like the names. You are not logged in. Jun 01, 2008.

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My name may not be Lena, Leena, or Lina in fact its not even close. Lina Prior. This is so difficult! The others look misspelled. I just love the spelling so much more than Lina.

how do you spell lina

My daughter name is Malena Kay and people called her Lena for short, you need a short name to go with it. Thank you!

Really go with whatever way you like best. Please keep your comments positive and helpful.

how do you spell lina

My name is Shari and personally I love the way my name is spelled and think that everyone else is silly.