How can gold be used sustainably

But why?

how can gold be used sustainably

Sponsored feature. The challenges of trading gold responsibly are faced at every point in the supply chain; from ensuring that gold has been extracted in a way that does not support unlawful armed conflict, to retail buyers taking the sourcing of their gold into consideration Sponsored feature. Brackish water containing arsenic and other contaminants does comes out of the mine, although federal environmental regulators require it be filtered to be cleaner than mountain spring water before it is released into streams.

How can mining become more sustainable?

So what has it achieved so far? In 2010, Alliance for Responsible Mining ARM and Fairtrade Labelling Organisations International FLO launched the first Fair Trade certification for gold , guaranteeing that certified miners receive a minimum price for their gold and a premium that can be invested back into their communities.

how can gold be used sustainably

By Daniel Brightmore. It has disadvantages and a limited feature set. What will change consumer behaviour and drive awareness around the social and environmental issues associated with metals such as gold? Tags Dan Stone. Could ethical labelling make a difference?

In focus: sustainable gold

Gold is linked to human rights abuses, environmental degradation and exploitation, while illicit trading has helped fund armed conflict in countries such as the DRC. Shared value needs to be the touchstone for measuring success, and it will be increasingly recognized by the marketplace and investors as a hallmark of a thriving business. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our updated Cookie Notice. PANDORA's Sustainable Gold and Silver Cycle These metals are so precious that they can be and have been melted down and recycled many times over - making them the perfect material choice for eco-friendly jewellery.

how can gold be used sustainably

Amy Ross is project manager, fairtrade gold and precious metals at Fairtrade Foundation. Alongside this, in 2012 The World Gold Council set up its Conflict-Free Gold Standard , which enables gold producers to provide assurance that their operations do not support unlawful armed conflict.

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Responsible gold mining: how can it aid sustainable development? – podcast

A final product emerges Once the designated alloys are produced, they then enter the crafting process. But that day is far off. Responsible gold.